View Full Version : Automobile magazine preview-tests BMW Hydrogen 7

01-16-2007, 10:37 PM
Jan. 16, 2007
“Leave it to BMW to come up with a viable alternative to fuel cells, electric propulsion, and storage batteries,” Automobile says of the BMW Hydrogen 7.
“Like money, hydrogen is plentiful but not easily obtained,” writes Don Sherman is a two-page overview and brief test drive of the BMW Hydrogen 7 in the February issue of Automobile. As in other early reviews, the differences worth noting are few. “The most noticeable difference between the two fuel modes [hydrogen and gasoline] is a sharper, more metallic edge to the engine note during acceleration on hydrogen,” Sherman says. “Only by listening carefully can you hear the gurgle of the engine coolant circulating to warm the chilly hydrogen for combustion.” </p>

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