View Full Version : Automobile review of BMW X5 praises performance, future prospects

01-04-2007, 10:41 PM
Dec. 11, 2006
“The new X5 is rather low on bling,” Automobile notes. That’s a bad thing?
Automobile magazine’s review of the new X5 (“The Second Generation Carries the Flag,” January 2007) found a lot to like along with many nits to pick, including BMW’s ongoing preference for building a road-going vehicle that isn’t suited for -- compromised by, BMW would say -- off-roading. And it’s thirsty, 11 mpg in Automobile’s testing with the V8 engine vs. BMW’s rated 15/21 mpg. </p> “What makes the new X5 stand out in the crossover community is the way it performs, handles, and holds the road,” says writer Georg Kacher. “Body roll is never an issue” thanks to adaptive drive and compared to the Mercedes M-Class, the X5 “us still a little firmer, a little edgier, and more aggressive.”

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