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12-19-2006, 01:30 PM
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Posted by: JST

Description: Selling a set of four 17" x 7.5" M Double Spoke I wheels, originally from a 1995 M3, along with a set of Dunlop SP Sport Race tires in 225/45 17. The wheels are in mechanically perfect condition, though they have a few cosmetic blemishes. I think they'd clean up pretty well, though I've never tried since I use them only for autocrossing. The tires were new in 2005; since then I've run maybe 6 or 8 autocross events on them. They still have decent tread and the last time I used them were sticky; I'd use them again this year but am moving on, car-wise.$500 obo. PM me or e-mail s h u a at comcast dot net; I don't have pics, but can take them and send them to you if you are interested.

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