View Full Version : Cold Weather & Tunk?

12-10-2006, 08:45 PM
:icon_blah Hey there bimmer dreamers and gearheads, I had a wierd incident this morning that I can only attritute to the weather. This mornig I needed to open my trunk to get out my ice scraper as I had a little ice on my rear wind-screen. I tried closing my trunk in the usual manner and the lock wouldn't catch. I tried the key to see if I could lock to no availe. I ended up going to church and leaving my trunk unlocked all afternoon. I got home from church and after careful inspection it appears that the two rubber circular trunk stops froze and wouldn't return to normal size to allow the trunk lock mechanism to grab to bar needed to activate and achieve lock. Fortunately, I could twist the stops reducing their distance between the trunk lid and the inner trunk liner which enabled me to finally get the locking mechanism to catch and lock my trunk. I don't know if anyone has ever had this problem. It was especially troublesome because I had never in the almost eight years of ownership ever adjusted the stops in or out. I suppose its time to replace these rubber stops because they seem to have lost there ability to adjust themselves to climate. Just my two and a half cents. Happy Motoring...