View Full Version : Where are the blue flags?

12-10-2006, 06:17 PM
I feel this may be a recurring theme, but during the first and second race of the 2 heat(final heat) of racing, the judges were completely absent of blue flags.

Unfortunetly during the first run of the final heat, while in first place I was blocked by another racer for almost 15 laps while trying to lap the him. To note, I was trying to perform a lap, not a position pass. Never once did he get a blue flag, and on several occasions I was spun or pushed into the wall, after passing him on the straight away. Again no blue flags or bumping signs. Finally he spun us both into the wall, again after I attempted a pass on turn 1 and the following lap he was given the blue flag.

During the next race, I noticed the same thing was happening to the older gentleman in the yellow race suite. The judges were completely clueless until everyone started screaming at them.

What gives?

I'd love to continue the league, but I can't justify the money when the judges are not going to pay attention to the racing.

12-11-2006, 06:45 PM
What event? Where? When?

12-11-2006, 07:25 PM
This was at sundays mini grand-prix at allsport in sterling.

12-11-2006, 07:28 PM
Also *thumbs up* to Brian Hair, I will definetly be at the next Grand-Prix