View Full Version : Cleaning Headlight Lens

11-24-2006, 05:51 PM
Two questions:
[1] It was recommended that Plexus is great from cleaning discolored headlight lens. Who in Maryland sells it?

[2] Is there any other cleaner that produces good results?

11-24-2006, 06:26 PM
I've had good luck with a kit from Permatex, found at the local Auto Zone.
Includes 3 grades of very fine sandpaper, and some polish. I used the sandpaper as directed, with lots of water, but used a rotary polisher with the polish. On a friends car, it worked really great, nice and clear. Lack of a polisher just means more elbow grease. Clear front plastic means you can now see other things...
These kits do not fix any deterioration with the internal lenses, of course, which did show their age. New assemblies are the only way to get brand-new performance.

Proceedurally, I pulled the headlight assembly from the car, and did the work on the workbench, actually chucked it in a B&D portable vise thingy.
I files off the 3 alignment:confused: nubbins so the polisher would work. No hassles, and a fractionally cleaner look when done. Of course, you gotta spend a few minutes lining the headlight assemblys back up to the body work upon re-installation.
Good Luck.:)