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06-29-2004, 10:18 AM
After doing some reading on Autopia, I decided to use new waxes and cleaners for my car. I ordered the "Perfect Shine" kit which included Klasse AIO and P21 Carnauba wax. I clayed my car (didn't use a scratch remover or polish since there the paint really didn't need it). Applied the AIO and wow, it had great shine with pretty good depth. But the real kicker was topping it with P21 for extra depth. The car looked phenomenal.

Prior to this I was using Meguiar products (Show Car Glaze and #26 Yellow Wax) along with 3M Swirl Remover and had great results. I actually did a side by side of the 2 results-the AIO/P21 and the Meguiars. Both looked good, but the AIO/P21 was glossier and had much better depth. You could see the details of the sky and house behind me. Mirror like.

A friend who is a big Zaino fan saw my car and was very impressed. I also did Pete's car (which was previously done by the Zaino guy) and when he saw it he said "Pete, your car looks better than when I did it." I told him that I did it also with AIO and P21.

AIO is an acrylic synth wax and lasts about 6 months. The P21, being a true Carnanuba wax doesn't last as long (maybe 2-3 weeks depending on usage and storage), but it adds that extra visual "oomph."

Apparently, if you add Klasse Sealant Glaze on top of the AIO (before P21) the results are outstanding-especially if you layer the SG.

By the way, my car is Hellrot

Check it out if you are looking for new waxes. DEFINITELY worth it!!!!

06-29-2004, 12:23 PM
1. How much?

2. How much for you to do my STi? ;)

06-29-2004, 01:09 PM
1. How much?

2. How much for you to do my STi? ;)

Well the whole kit cost about $90 some dollars, but that included:

Klasse AIO
P21 Carnuaba wax
Bottle of Acyrlic Quick Detailing spray
Tube of P21 polish
2 microfiber towels
1 microfiber buffing towel
1 contoured applicator for the AIO
1 pad for the P21 polish

Hey, if you help, I'll do you your car for free! Ok, maybe throw in a beer.

06-29-2004, 01:32 PM
I'll let you in on a little secret. I bought the car in Silver so I didn't have to wash it.

...it's been a year, and it's been washed once. I feel like such a chump :) No swirl marks, though.

The altima is maroon, so I had to wash it a lot more to keep it from looking extremely dirty. Of course, it hasn't been washed for a while either :lol:

08-03-2004, 11:30 AM
Here's actually a layout of what I actually do. This is something I had posted on bimmerforums:

"Depends on the condition of the paint and how long since I last did it.

For example, if it is the spring and the paint has not been properly maintained (basically the first really detail of the year),

I'll clay it (I used Clay Magic, but will probably switch to Meguairs or Griots clay. The clay magic was hard to knead)

Apply 3M Finesse It II polish to remove swirlmarks (if any)-use orbital

Apply Klasse All in One (lasts like 6 months)

Apply Klasse Sealant Glaze-2 or 3 coats with 24 hours inbetween each application

Top it with P21 (although you can use S100 instead-similar formulation). Zymol (the real stuff that is pure caranuaba and not the off the shelf liquid cleaner wax at Pep Boys made by Turtle Wax) can be used as well for the final step.

Final step: I mist it with a quick detailer and wipe down-I use the Sonus Acrylic QD-it evens out the layer of Caranuaba for maximum shine and depth. You can use a Meguiars as well (though there is one formulation that can strip a caranuaba wax).

Make sure to apply everything in a linear motion-with the lines of the car (obviously with the exception of the orbital buffer). That is something a lot of people don't do. Minimizes swirlmarks.

You don't have to do the Klasse SG-it just adds more shine and depth to the AIO.

The step with the Caranuaba is really just a nice finishing touch to add awesome depth to the paint-that's where your going to get the deep pool of water effect. It really isn't for protection as much as looks as it only lasts 3-4 weeks depending on how the car is kept and used.

On a regular basis, I wash the car once a week and apply P21 (although I've been extremely lazy and haven't done either in the last month and a half) and mist it with a QD and wipe it down.

Then in October or late September, I will clay the car once more before the winter season and apply AIO to protect it for the next few months (or repeat what I did for the spring, again depending on what the paint looks like). I give it that full treatment (clay and 3M Finesse II) twice a year.

I got a kit from autopia (www.autopia.com)-it's called the "Perfect Shine Kit." It comes with a tube of harsher polish by P21 (I don't use it that much), Klasse AIO, P21, Sonax car wash, and Sonus acrylic quick detailer spray. You also get some applicators and microfiber towels. It's like $100.

I was using Meguiars-Show car glaze and Yellow Wax before. Great products but I did a side by side with the Klasse + P21 and even though both looked great. When you looked at it, the Klasse + P21 was sooooooo deep. The Meguairs looks cloudy in comparison-again talking in relative terms.

I've also used Zymol Carbon and Zymol HD. For some reason, I swear they changed the formulation back in the early 90s. The original jars I had, were a better quality wax and lasted longer. The ones I bought later on weren't as good and didn't last long at all. Plus Zymol is way over priced. Dollar for dollar, as far a premium pure caranuaba wax goes, P21 is better than Zymol.

You can also get S100 (similar formula to P21) at any Harley Davidson dealer.

One guy that used Zaino detailed my friend's car and when I did it with Klasse + P21 he was really impressed and said it looked better than when he did it."

08-03-2004, 11:58 AM
Silver cars are always clean. :)