View Full Version : Figured i would show you guys... Custom quad exhuast on my e46 coupe (w/ sound clip)

10-01-2006, 02:05 PM
Hey CCA members... I figured i would drop in with some pictures and a sound clip of my latest modification.

When i first started modding my 3, i put on an intake and exhaust for sound, xenon lights, and then wheels... but, after doing the body work on the car, i felt i needed a new exhaust note that matched the aggressive look of the car's exterior. So, I looked into my options and wasn't really satisfied with any of them... With that, i went down the custom road once again.

For tips, I wanted something larger than what i had and wanted something similar to the new M5 tips as I had loved the look of them since i first saw pics of it

so, i puchased these magnaflow tips...

after getting them, i spoke with Dan Martin to find a person capable of doing the work. He turned me over to a friend of his archie who does a lot of custom muffler work on race cars he owns..

so i went over and talked with him... he liked the challenge and said go for it...

The problem then was that i had to have my hamann rear add on cut to facilitate the extra set of tips.... here is what it looked like prior to the cut out...

so, i took the car to euro pros, the shop that did the body kit on my car and a week later, they had it out of their shop like so...

then it was off to archies shop where he did the following exhaust work under the car....

first he cut the hamann exhaust off, then welded piping from the second resonator to a custom y pipe set up.

the result...

and here is the sound clip. All my friends who have heard it in person say it sounds like a porsche's vroom with a little ferrari at the top as it crackles and pops in the 5500-6k rpm range

Sound clip: http://chrisnolan.org/chase.html (http://chrisnolan.org/chase.html)

oh and sorry for the "bluish" pics... they were taken with a camera phone late at night... the actual coloring is more like this...

10-01-2006, 04:32 PM
Coolness, way to go Chase, I loved the article on your car in der Bayerische, your unique style is refreshing. Keep on doing yo thang.

10-01-2006, 06:28 PM
Thanks so much for the kind words. The bumper still has to get touched up by euro pros but i am relaly satisfied with the results