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09-05-2006, 08:08 PM
i have a leak in my convertible. no big surprise, except that the leak isn't from the top. the leak is in the trunk. specifically, the driver's side well in the trunk is collecting water. it's not the gasket to the tail light (replaced) and it's not the grommet that holds the power antennae in place (replaced). where the leak is coming from is somewhere forward in the trunk above the wheel well on the driver's side.
the only thing that i can figure is that it is the gasket/weatherstripping that runs around the top half of the back of the car that seals the well where the convertible top stows. however, i pulled up some of the gasket to see if there was anywhere for the water to drip through to the trunk, and didn't see anyplace for it to penetrate into the trunk. granted, i only pulled up about 2 inches.

any ideas from e30 convertible owners who might have had the same problem?

thanks in advance,

09-05-2006, 08:22 PM
It's not convertible specific, but check the trunk hinge mounts. They are spot welded in place and do tend to break. Open the trunk and look in the trunk rain gutter. You should be able to see where the spot weld is, and it may be a hole now. I had it happen to my car last fall. Simple fix of a new spot weld if that's all it is.

'90 325i