View Full Version : Sound System in 2005+ BMW's

05-27-2006, 11:07 AM
I am having several issues with my sound system. First the mid ranges under the seats was not working. I took it back to the dealer for the 5th time with a list of things to fix and they told me they did a sound check and the reason why my mids where not working was because my battery was not charging. I just bought my car brand New 7 months ago (2005 BMW 525I Sport, Cold Weather, Active Steering) and it's been the shop several times, but that's another issue. Now I am having an issue with the center dash speaker, it seems to not be working now.

My question is does anyone know what the center speaker function is(Mid, Sub, etc...) and how is there tools or a other ways I can check the sound system in my car?


HB :frown: