View Full Version : Classing changes for 2006

03-08-2006, 11:49 AM
This season we are adding 3 new classes. Unlimited, MINI and MINI modified. The purpose of the additional classes is to better support our members and hopefully allow a more level playing field within the classes. The definitions of the new classes are listed below.

Unlimited Class

This class is essentially SM (SCCA) cars. Basically it is an anything goes class. Enjoy.

FI, nitrous, non-stock internals (cams, trick heads, etc.)

* removal of rear seat, dash, instrumentation other than radio, sound deadening material in cockpit, any interior panels and devices (grab handles, lights, heater core, hvac hoses & piping, etc.)

* non-OEM (carbon fiber or fiberglass) body panels

* race (non-DOT-approved) tires

MINI classes are being added as a test for this season. They are contingent on MINI participation. If there are not enough cars who qualify for championship points MINIs will return to X and XR the following season.



MINI Modified

Any aftermarket performance modifications beyond OEM replacements