View Full Version : Help! engine failsafe prog plus DSC light on 2003 e39 540i/6spd manual

01-08-2020, 09:03 AM
Hi -
I have a engine fail safe prog light on and DSC light on - no loss in power, but on after 1 mile driving this morning, and got back home and switched cars. It has come on before about 2 months ago, and had a loss of power, got home,turned off car, did not come on again until today. It is my daily driver, and have highway commuting. I have not plugged in the OBD II reader because had to get to work, but are there any ideas you may have to help diagnose the problem? last seven of VIN is GF70876

I plugged in OBD II Peake code reader - have throttle postion sensor, throttle position sensor #2, and camshaft position sensor , cyl 5- 8 - I can DIY this if these codes may cause the engine fail safe. Cleared the codes, car runs fine, drove 50 miles in normal commute to work, no issues.

Mike Herbert