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12-07-2005, 04:51 PM
We recently took delivery of a new 330i in Munich through the European Delivery Program.

When the car was delivered, the BMW rep apologzied, stating that they had drilled holes for the European plates in error.
He advised us that we could either:
1) Delay picking up the car until BMW was able to remove the "European" bumper and install a new U.S. bumper, or
2) We could take the car with the incorrect (European) bumper that BMW would fit with the appropriate US size license plate holder as a temporary measure, with the stipulation that the bumper would be replaced with a new factory painted US bumper prior to U.S. delivery. He advised us that in either event, the car would be delivered to us with all damage corrected. It would be perfect.
We chose option 2.

When it arrived at the dealership, we were presented with our car with the Euro-drilled bumper.

Of particular concern is the apparent approach of a BMWNA representative who stated in an e-mail, that European Delivery cars MUST have the bumper drilled to accommodate registration plates in accordance with Munich laws. But, what she fails to recognize is the fact that the bumper does not have to be drilled for a European plate. It can be drilled to accept a US size license plate holder, and attach the European plate to the US license plate holder. This is what was done to the Euro-drilled bumper.

I saw her e-mailed suggestion to the dealership. This is not the first case of drilled bumper disease, and she suggested that plastic plugs be purchased at Home Depot!

We are currently attempting to work BMW through the dealership, since we have, in writing from the Munich BMW delivery rep that the bumper is to be replaced. The question remaining concerns the quality of the replacement bumper, since at this point, it appears that it will not be factory painted.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with European Delivery? Was it resolved to your satisfaction?

If BMW would drill US plate holder holes to begin with, there would be no problem, unless or course, your state does not use a front license plate.

As the US Customs Service says, "Know before you go."

12-07-2005, 07:15 PM
This is very interesting. I didn't realize there is a difference in bumpers anymore. Is it only in the license plate holders?
I think the US Import/Delivery Centers have the facilities to give the bumpers a "factory" finish, but from what you say, who knows where the painting will be done.
I took delivery of a 325is in April of 1987. It had a Euro radio, no cat, and no airdam. The US spec radio, cat, and airdam were fitted after arriving in the USA.
While in Germany, southeast of Munich, I stopped at a rural dealership. The service staff was fascinated by my US spec car with it's huge bumpers and high ride height.

12-07-2005, 09:33 PM
This is a sad story. It seems the Munich delivery center isn't able to hire any more competent people than many US dealers.
They do european deliveries all the time... certainly they don't have to drill the front bumper cover (i presume that's what you're talking about) for the euro tags.
Insist in a replacement bumper. You can try to argue it should come painted from BMW's Vehicle Preparation Center in New Jersey (where it should have been fixed and where they do a factory type paint job) but you may have to settle for one painted by the local dealer body shop. Make sure the finish is to your satisfaction and insist on some sort of compensation for your trouble ... certificate for accessories.... something.
If the dealer isn't reasonable, write to the BMW NA Chairman, Tom Purves, expressing your deep disappointment in BMW's European Delivery experience.

12-16-2005, 12:36 PM
Does anyone have the e-mail and/or snail mail address of Tom Purves?

12-16-2005, 12:49 PM
Does anyone have the e-mail and/or snail mail address of Tom Purves?
I ran across this (not sure how old it is):
BMW Holding Corp.
Tom Purves
P.O. Box 1227
Westwood, NJ 07675

on http://www.parentstv.org/PTC/advertisers/main.asp