View Full Version : Chapter Event 08/17/2019 - Summer Family Tour and Picnic, Catoctin State Park, Thurmont, MD

02-09-2019, 02:11 PM
Summer Family Tour and Picnic
Depart 10 am
August 17, 2019 Join us for a relaxing Tour through North Central Maryland and South Central PA starting at Hunt Valley Cars and Coffee and ending at the Shrewsbury Amish Market for a late Lunch. Cars and Coffee starts around 8am and we will have our Drivers Meeting around 9:45 and set off at 10am. We will have an area set aside by Iron Rooster for us to park at the Cars and Coffee

Register here. (https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/summer-family-tour-picnic-cedar-river-park-bmw-cca-national-capital-tours-462790?utm_source=apis&utm_medium=apim&utm_campaign=apic&utm_content=rss)

07-01-2019, 06:37 PM
Hi All,

Its looking like this Tour is going to turn into a visit to Shrewsberry Amish Market. We will start at Hunt Valley cars and Coffee and weave our way up to Shrewsberry for a late lunch. Its supposed to be a short tour like the Drive and Vine Tour last Month.