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05-06-2014, 03:03 PM
Hi everyone,
I need some help please. I have a '74 2002tii that needs some body work and I want to do some modifications (5 speed conversion among other things). If I find the right shop, I would also like to do at full color change (the previous owner messed it all up). I need to find a shop that first knows these cars, and knows what to do.
Second subject, I have a '72 2002 that is mostly stripped (I can finish the rest of it withing a day or two). The previous owner put on the Alpina fiberglass flares so he could put on some wider wheels. He had a good idea, but his work was not so good. I want to turn this baby into an Alpina tribute car, but better (as if it would be possible). It needs body work, by someone that know their way around steel and fiberglass, major engine work, and interior work. I guess I need help in every department.

Let me know if you also know a good upholstery/interior person. I want to do something other than original leather.

The shops need to be within a 100 mile radius of Great Falls, VA. 22066

Thank you for helping.
I will keep you guys in the loop with photos.

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05-06-2014, 03:08 PM
Hi again,
I forgot to mention, I live in Great Falls, VA. 22066 and it would be good if I find someone within a 100 mile radius.

Thank you

John in VA
05-06-2014, 03:59 PM
I would contact BMW Excluservice in Rockville MD and talk to them about what you're attempting. http://www.bmwexcluservice.com/

05-06-2014, 09:43 PM
I went there a few months ago, and the guy I talked to didn't show any interest in my projects. He barely took the time to look at my Tii, and he wouldn't even give me a written estimate for the body work and the painting. I like to give my business to someone who loves these cars, and loves what he does. He might have been too busy, or thought I wasn't serious.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my post.


John in VA
05-06-2014, 10:05 PM
Times change... Lothar, the previous owner of that shop, has contacts with body shops and upholsterers in the area. I'll get back to you.

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05-07-2014, 06:30 AM
What about Quality Car Care on Stone (I think) in Rockville? Are they still around?

05-07-2014, 07:07 AM
QCS - Talk to Bob, the owner. Tell him Doug sent you (with the Phoenix Yellow M3)

Quality Car Services, Ltd.
210 North Stonestreet Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850-1653
TEL: 301-340-8269


05-07-2014, 07:41 AM
You're not likely to find one shop to do mechanical, body/paint and upholstery, unless it's a restoration place.
bmw2002faq.com is an excellent source of information about 2002s. You might post inquiry there.

John in VA
05-07-2014, 10:55 AM
I sent you an email.

05-07-2014, 02:32 PM

This place seems to be right up your alley. Posted a few weeks ago...


05-10-2014, 12:58 PM
You guys are all great. Lots of good leads. I also found a few on my own.
I will be calling and visiting these shops in the coming week, and I will keep you guys posted.

I am almost tempted to open up a shop and start doing something like "Wheeler Dealer". I need a good Certified BMW mechanic, a good all around body guy, and connections with a good paint shop and an upholstery shop. Any thoughts? Any one interested?

Thank you

John in VA
05-10-2014, 03:59 PM
I don't think you're going to find a guy like Edd China here that works for free! The labour is never figured into the cost of their "freshenings."

05-11-2014, 09:53 AM
I know what you mean.
I can still dream.

Oh yeah, I just picked up another 2002. Its a '75 with a good engine and tranny. Only has 90K original miles. The interior leather looks great, need to re-due the padding. It needs a new clutch and a tune up. The body is in OK shape, but can use some work. I hope some of the leads I got from everyone actually work out. I can keep a good shop busy for a while.


John in VA
05-11-2014, 10:39 AM
Very few 2002s had leather seating, but the vinyl is very durable (except the heat-formed pleats). New horse hair seat pads are available, but pricey. A good auto upholsterer can use various layers & densities of foam to achieve a good shape & comfort, and avoid the "overstuffed" look commonly seen.

05-12-2014, 02:50 PM
I don't get a chance to get on here much but I am a member of the club and own a body shop and a Restoration shop. I actually learned the trade working and restoring BMW's and other german cars. Drop me an email and visit our website. Jay@<hidden>, we are currently building an E36 race car and my daily driver is a "blown" 540i/6 sport. Love these cars. I also have a great BMW mechanic and upholstery shop locally. Right now we are building a separate location for the restoration business.

Thanks, Jay

05-13-2014, 07:19 PM
Thank you for the reply. I will contact you by the end of this week to chat, and I will try to stop by this coming up week.
I just contracted out my '74 2002tii, and I really like the guys I talked to.
I do still have the '71 2002 which need a total work up. This is the one I will turn into an ALPINA tribute car, with the Colorado Orange color on the bottom half of the car, and the mat black on the top portion.
Talk to you soon.

Thank you

06-01-2014, 02:05 PM

Based on what you're looking for.. you may want to stop in and see Sigy & Mike at Sigy's Auto Service in Rockville. Better to stop in as opposed to call.
In addition to service on later model BMW's, they do quite a bit of service and restoration work on older models as well. Mike does body and rust repair, although he subs-out the major paint work. There are two upholstery shops within walking distance to them which they use.. depending upon price point desired. I have used them both several times and have been very pleased with the work.

When I was there the other day, there were several 02"s about, a 3.0CS, an Isetta, several E30's, and a host of other late model cars.

If you want further details or have additional questions pm me.

07-10-2014, 03:26 PM
Great thread! Some good suggestions here. Shawn, who did you end up going with for working on the tii?

I'll be looking to have some body and paint work done on one of my E30's in a few months. Need to find some time to install my suspension and get it back on the road first!