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Thread: AutoX Results From Chapterfest

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonbmw View Post
    I think my times are wrong. I wish I got 35.950,as I recall I dont think I broke 40seconds
    name and car number [and car make/model for giggles]

    Quote Originally Posted by HowardL View Post
    I had fun at the Chapterfest. Kudos to those who organized and ran such a large undertaking.

    In looking at the draft results, I am listed as DNS in X1. I ran my Vette with number 111, not 117. There is another car listed as 111 with times that look like the ones I remember seeing on the board by the stop garage.

    Howard Leikin
    There was a massive confusion with the 111's, and due to my laptop F up in the am the results are a bit wonky, but with your alls help ill get it sorted out!

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    name and car number [and car make/model for giggles

    Lynch, #111, 89 325is

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    My times are missing. Number 34, 1st AM heat, black 2002 M3. Last name is Hunter. I was the third car off the starting line.

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    Thanks for finding my times - "Scott" is the first name (although my wife says she likes Steven better).

    The times don't look quite right though. I'm pretty sure I got a couple of 38.9s and the last was 39.5 something. Won't change the standings in any case.

    Car 107 in S3 for the a.m. heat.

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    I don't see my times. Car #69, last name = Bernadzikowski, sterling grey 2003 530i, 2nd PM heat (pre-registered), 3rd or 4th car to run. 1st run off course, 2nd run 43.x, 3rd run 42.x. No idea about runs 4-5. First time autox. FUN!

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    I should be class S4. Novice and no cones knocked over (that I am aware of)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodym3 View Post
    Maria, you should be thanked, or at least praised, for beating all of the other entries in S2!
    Woody, I had a very good instructor, who taught me how to handle skidpads during the autoX school I once attended I believe this gave me an advantage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by civicexracer View Post
    Agreed, you've done real well and improved a lot over this season Maria.
    Thanks, AJ, I had good instructors

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    My times are not listed in this draft of the results. I was #318 in the first half of the PM session. T4, 1991 318i.
    David Bullman

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    Anthony won FTD.....damn it....I should have come. Looked like fun....I'll be in next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03threefiftyz View Post
    Anthony won FTD.....damn it....I should have come.
    To get second place???

    Is there a link to pics or videos of the event? I saw someone taking pics during the AutoX from high up on that crane cart.

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    I'm still missing too. I think I was 77? I'd be in there with a 36.1 DNF and an OFF or 2 lol

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    im sorting times as i type this, and in regards to the photos/video im hoping to have atleast 1 shot of all the cars up sometime in the next few days, but its a ton of uploading, not to mention sorting and organizing

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    Thanks for your effort, I cant imagine how much work it is.

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    Am I understanding the classing correctly that an S2000 on hoo hoo's is an X3 (Keep in my mind this is a B-stock car), and my 350Z on hoosiers (or any R-comp for that matter) is an X1 car? That is pretty ridiculous barring in mind that a 350z is a C-stock car. Just looking for clarification....

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