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Thread: ChapterFest is back - October 30, 2010 Bowie, Md

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    When and where will the Chapterfest AutoX results be posted? Thanks!
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    Didn't get to check out ChapterFest this year, :-(, but I was definitely impressed by the line-up. Sounds like a huge undertaking (that worked out pretty well, from what I can tell on the posts). How does one sign up to help plan next year's event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonbmw View Post
    Are the results posted online ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    A Honda 2000 took it from a Miata during my heat, hence, my earlier whining about the tiny roadster friendly course.
    Quote Originally Posted by 03threefiftyz View Post
    Who took FTD at the autocross?
    Quote Originally Posted by Highflyr777 View Post
    I really liked the course. The tight technicals were great. Hope we have more of them next year. I think my best clean was a 36.6XX. Doug should have the results up later today.
    The results are compiled for the most part, but AXWare isnt playing nice on the report output so it looks a little wonky, im messing with it right now to get it back in shape.

    but uniofficial FTD is Anthony Martell in his S2000 with a blazing 34.765

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    ChapterFest was great! autox was alot of fun and watching the XKR go around the figure 8 and the e92 M3 drift around was pretty cool too!
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    More photos posted.
    Click on the slide show button (upper right).
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