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Thread: Cheap repair or replace the whole thing ?

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    Cheap repair or replace the whole thing ?

    Grrr.. some elderly lady hit my car as I was coming out of the grocery store. I shouted out 'hey' [not overly aggressive, more surprised] and the AARP member took off like she was a get-away car driver in a past life.

    After looking at it all day sunday and this morning, I'm still not deciding if I should
    A- Report to insurance
    B- Fix myself

    Report to insurance would be covered but with a 1000$ deductible and possible Carfax reporting I'm not a fan. And although I don't plan on selling it, If I can fix it for less than 1000 I'd be happy.

    My non-car-fans think 'You wont notice it while driving', or 'Use some clear tape'.

    Beyond those options is anyone familiar with bumper repair processes or methods? If this was my E36 I'd Gorilla glue and ZipTie it ; I'm leaning towards clear tape until I can find a sterling gray bumper .

    Any help or suggestions would be welcome [even jokes].

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    Don’t think that will be less than $1k to fix unless you have a hookup with a body shop
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