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Thread: 06/02/2018 - Maryland to Delaware 2.0 Tour

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    06/02/2018 - Maryland to Delaware 2.0 Tour

    Maryland to Delaware Tour 2.0
    June 2, 2018
    7:00 am
    Details to follow.

    Register here.

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    Join us for the second Maryland to Delaware Tour! Come enjoy a cruise through the Northeast Maryland and the Delaware Red Clay Valley with Stops at the Millburn Orchards and the Nemours Estate!

    Starting from the Fresh Market in Towson at 7:30am, right off 695, we will head north east into the countryside until we hit the Susquehanna River,crossing at the Conowingo Dam. From there we head east to Milburn Orchards, a good place to take a break and pick up fruit, pies, ice cream or other sweet treats.

    After that short stop we will push through the Red Clay Valley, enjoying the riverside scenery, until we reach our second stop at the Nemours Estate, a former DuPont Estate built in a French Chateau Style with a Large Garage filled with cars, Gardens and a Great Gatsby Style Backstory to boot. Expect to arrive around 10:30-10:45. The Tour is self guided so feel free to split up or walk around as a group.

    At 1:30 we will regroup at the visitor center to make a quick drive over to The Charcoal Pit for lunch, a local favorite, A Diner in operation since the 1950s with tasty burgers!

    The Cost for Nemours will be $15/ per person instead of $17, if 15 or more of us show up, so encourage your friends to come along too! Kids are welcome and have lower priced tickets.

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    If you have any suggestions on how to improve this year's Tour feel free to comment below.

    We did too many stops so I cut down this year to make the tour more fun and easier for people to head home earlier.

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