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Thread: Dan's list of local repair shops

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    Hello. Anyone work with Dan Martin's in Gaithersburg recently? I had him do some work a few years ago on a couple projects and was pleased, but haven't been back in a while. Nothing too complicated (stuck brake on 2002; 60K service and coolant service on a 330i), but been too jammed for time and nursing a bum shoulder. Thanks for any updates.

    Dan does all of the work on my E46 M3, including track Tech inspections. I recommend him 100%.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Off to Dan Martin I go.

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    Many of the shop listings are for Montgomery County and Northern Virginia, but if you're in Prince George's County there's 2 shops I highly recommend. You don't have to drive to Egypt to get excellent service for our BMWs!!!

    1) Beamer Auto
    6312 Aaron Lane
    Clinton, MD 20735

    2) Randy's C.A.R.S.
    7523 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd.
    Clinton, MD 20735

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