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Thread: 03/03/2018 - 4th Annual NCC Cars & Chili Competition, MD Location TBD

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    03/03/2018 - 4th Annual NCC Cars & Chili Competition, MD Location TBD

    Our 4th Annual NCC Cars & Chili Competition will be another friendly cookoff among club members for the ultimate bragging rights of who can make the best chili. Registration is required for all attendees and the competition will be held from 11am to 2pm.

    There will be three (3) main categories:

    1. Traditional Red - classic red chili sauce, with or without meat;*NO beans, pasta, or other filler allowed
    2. Homestyle - anything goes! red/green/white chili, with or without meat, beans/pasta/filler are optional
    3. Vegetarian - anything goes EXCEPT meat! red/green/white chili. beans/pasta/filler are optional (will be eliminated unless we get at least 3 participants)

    We have several great prizes lined up for those top recipes based on a judged points system and the following criteria:

    1. Appearance - Visually appealing? Bright/colorful or dull/bland? Too oily?
    2. Smell - How appetizing is the aroma? Does it make you want to dig right in?
    3. Consistency - Meat-to-sauce ratio; Is it too mushy/too thin/too thick? Is the meat tender?
    4. Flavor - How flavorful is it from the first bite to any aftertaste? Too spicy/not enough spice? Spices blend well together/overpowering?
    5. Creativity - Did the chef use a wide variety of ingredients? How creative did the chef get in recipe creation? Did he/she think outside the box?

    Each Chili Chef will be required to complete the official competition template which will include the following:

    1. Name of chili - names should be clever and BMW or car related, of course!
    2. Heat level/spiciness - On a scale of 1 (mild) to 10 (extremely spicy)
    3. A listing of ALL ingredients - to avoid any allergies among judges/tasters

    NCC will provide a wide variety of condiments such as shredded cheese, sour cream, hot sauces, paperware, utensils, drinks, desserts, etc. However, these items will NOT be used during the judging competition. Good luck!

    If making chili is not your thing, then you can still join us as a 'taster' and become a judge!

    Register here.
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