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Thread: SCHROTH Quick Fit Pro > are they approved by NCC?

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    Post SCHROTH Quick Fit Pro > are they approved by NCC?

    For those of us who want to track their cars without installing a harness bar, 1/2 cage, or full cage, we have limited options when it comes to harness systems. I came across the SCHROTH Quick Fit Pro 4-Point Harness as a good option that addresses my concerns but I still have questions.

    I am not a fan of 4-pt systems in general as there is a lot of talk about submarine effect, and reliability in an accident. However, what make the SCHROTH appealing to me is that they have developed the harness with the Anti Sub Marine ASM technology. If you look into ASM it boils down to the design of the harness which is made NOT to compress your spine or let you slide out from below the buckle. This particular version the "pro" allows you to run a HANS device as well. They are tested heavily by SCHROTH and approved for street use in MD/DC/VA. The harness comes with anchors specific to the BMW chassis (e36/46/90...) and installs to specific reinforced points in the car. You can get them from multiple vendors.

    Some folks I talked to said that its a bad idea to put a harness in a car that doesnt have a cage/roll bar. The argument is based on the fact that in case of a rollover you are strapped nowhere to go and your head becomes the resting point . The other side of the argument is generally added security of a harness and HANS are better than not having any safety and sliding in the OEM seats on track.

    Based on what I cam across online, it seems some BMW CCA clubs (like NJ), and other clubs, ban 4-pt systems altogether. They are also banned in the state of NJ.

    1- So what is the NCC rule book say, can anyone from the club chime in?

    2- Would you run them in your car?

    Here are a couple of resources with info on this:
    HMS Motorsport is the main distributor state side, their website has a lot of information on the product.

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    There are chapters that have banned them? Aren't they DOT approved?
    As long as you have an equal set for the instructor, I don't know why anyone would ban them?
    I haven't done a DE in a few years but used them several years before.

    I've had instructors who preferred the stock 3 point as their option.

    Now I wouldn't do 5 or 6 pt unless it included a padded rollbar, racing seats and a seat brace.
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